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No Time Like Show Time (Hermux Tantamoq Adventure) 2004 г 288 стр ISBN 0399238808 инфо 1775i.

Book DescriptionTrouble is brewing at the Varmint Theater! Before he knows it, watchmaker mouse Hermux Tantamoq finds himself not only hired to track down a mysterious blackmailer, but roped into designing theаняэч set for an upcoming show Hermux is on the case--and busy backstage--but as he enters the chaotic world of the theater he's lost in a whirlwind of distractions: an accidental foray into "reality theater," film director Brinx Lotelle's shameless interest in Hбагучermux's friend Linka, beauty queen Tucka Mertslin's latest shenanigans, mysterious newcomer Corpius Crounce, and a very strange parrot When Hermux receives a threatening message, he realizes it's up to him to save the day, save the theater, protect his new friends and get the girl--a lot for one mouse to handle, even with a surprisingly talented pet ladybug in tow! Rich descriptions and snappy, witty dialogue bring Pinchester to life in this highly-anticipated third installment ofбнамм Hermux's adventures.

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Mystery at the Club Sandwich 2004 г 32 стр ISBN 0618419691 инфо 1779i.

Book DescriptionLola Gale has lost her marbles Literally Nick Trunk, private investigator, has been hired to find them He"s a very good detective, but this case is a tough nut to crack The only clues аняйщare an ostrich feather and lots of peanut butter—delicious peanut butter Will Nick be able to solve this sticky crime? Monochromatic illustrations give this hilarious whodunit the dramatic feel of an old black-and-white movie, while endearing animals characters, plentбагегiful PI and peanut puns, and a suspenseful but-not-too-hard-to-follow mystery make this a crime story that"s hard to put down.

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The House on the Gulf 2004 г 208 стр ISBN 0689854226 инфо 1781i.

Book Description [If only] Bran would stop acting weirdProbably he had a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything I just couldn't imagine what it would be When Britt's older brother, Bran, laаняэюnds a summer job house-sitting for the Marquises, an elderly couple, it seems like a great opportunity Britt and Bran have moved to Florida so their mother can finish college, and the house-sitting income will allow their mom to quit her job and take classes full-timeбагуэ Having never lived in a real house before, Britt is thrilled There's only one problem: Britt starts to suspect her family isn't supposed to be there She's been noticing that Bran is acting weird and defensive -- he hides the Marquises' mail, won't let anyone touch the thermostat, and discourages Britt from meeting any of the neighbors Determined to get to the bottom of things, Britt starts investigating and makes a startling discovery -- the Marquises aren't who Bran has led herбнамн and their mom to believe So whose house are they staying in, and why has Bran brought them there? With unexpected twists and turns, award winner Margaret Peterson Haddix has again crafted a thriller that will grip readers until its stunning conclusion.

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The Haunting of Briston Manor 2005 г 108 стр ISBN 1413768172 инфо 1783i.

Book Description The Haunting of Briston Manor is the coming-of-age story of four boys surrounded by mystery and suspense These boys build a friendship in spite of the differences in their personalities Jasoаняюаn Martin, his brother and two friends discover a victim of the cursed mansion floating in the plantation's pond They find themselves drawn to unlock its secrets Their adolescent interest in the legend of the mansion takes them on an adventure of mystery, murder and aбагую narrow escape Over a hundredyears after the suspicious suicide of Joshua Briston and the questionable disappearance of his wife, Elizabeth, the Martin family moves to Pine Harbor Will Martin was an acclaimed detective for the Atlanta police department and takes the chief of policeposition in Pine Harbor His two sons, Travis and Jason, befriend Tubbs Grogan, who piques the boys' interest about the mystery of the mansion During a swim in Briston Pond the boys discover a dead body бнамсHere the adventure begins They recruit the help of Clayton Dorfman, the class brain, and enter the mansion with plans to solve the mystery of Briston Manor and the dead body in the pond The boys quickly find themselves caught up in a world of murder and intrigue.

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The Truth Trap 2003 г 206 стр ISBN 059527322X инфо 1788i.

Book DescriptionAlone in a city full of strangers and accused of the murder of his beloved small sister, fifteen-year-old Matt McKendrick struggles to survive her loss and prove his innocence to the two policeаняйь detectives assigned to the case One of thembelieves him; the other, convinced he is guilty, is determined to make Matt confess and pay.

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See You Down the Road : A Novel (Booklist Editor's Choice Books for Youth (Awards)) 2004 г 192 стр ISBN 0375824677 инфо 1776i.

Book DescriptionA fascinating glimpse into the lives of Irish Travelers in America, from a new voice in YA literature Welcome to Bridget’s world: Her family lives in a trailer, moving every so often; she’s eаняйхngaged and her wedding is sooner than she’d like; and her parents want her to quit high school so she can help more with the family business The problem is Bridget’s not sure the Traveler life is for her anymore She feels guilty about pulling scams, and she’s definitбагевely not sure she wants to get married, even though Patrick’s a good guy But Bridget’s always been the good girl who does what she’s told, and there’s no way her parents will let her out of the wedding And if she leaves the life, she’s out of the family for good Tautly written, with a riveting storyline and sympathetic characters coping with universal themes of family and social pressure, See You Down the Road will captivate readers to the very end.

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Octavius Bloom and the House of Doom 2003 г 32 стр ISBN 0807558206 инфо 1780i.

Book DescriptionThe new kid in school, Octavius Bloom, is a genuine detective and he's looking for a mystery to solve It looks like he came to the right place! "On Crabapple Street around the bend, in аняэщback of the house near the dark DEAD END, stuffed up inside of a rickety shed is the source of a horrible, terrible dread Something lives there But what? No one knows So it's one place in town where no kid ever goes" The other kids in class tell Octavius abouбагуъt the scary things they believe are in the shed behind Priscilla O'Moore's house And Octavius takes the case Then, as Octavius investigates, he gets the scare of a lifetime Can Octavius keep his cool or will the House of Doom claim him as its victim?.

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Rebel 2003 г 160 стр ISBN 0689850735 инфо 1782i.

Book Description Her name was Amanda Jane Keeling, but from the time she was two, everyone called her Rebel Rebel's first word was "No!" And it was downhill from there As a toddler she resisted аняйыstrained spinach and potty training At five, she refused to go to kindergarten Now at fourteen, she has toned down her rebellious streak somewhat, but whenever faced with a challenge she still feels the need to confront it head on, despite the opinions or advice of oбагейthers When Rebel and her friend Moses -- the only boy she's ever met who can match her in both wit and height -- witness some strange goings-on, instead of going straight to the police, they decide to investigate the matters themselves A bizarre robbery, an open door in the middle of the night, muddy footprintsall these clues lead Rebel and Moses to more questions than answers But still they won't go for help Little do they know the danger that awaits them.

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High-Rise Private Eyes #8: The Case of the Desperate Duck (The High-Rise Private Eyes) 2005 г 48 стр ISBN 0060534524 инфо 1785i.

Book Description Deep in the heart of a big city All of Mabel's sugar cubes have disappeared And when you run Mabel's fancy Tea Room, missing sugar is a disaster! Who would pocket sugar cubes? And whyаняюд? Someone with a sweet tooth? Or is there another reason? This sounds like a case for the High-Rise Private Eyes -- Case #008, to be exact, Because no mystery is too mysterious, no puzzle too puzzling, no crime too criminal, no trouble too troubling for ace detectiveбагфаs and very best friends Bunny Brown and Jack Jones.

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The Secret Apartment 2005 г 192 стр ISBN 0385746717 инфо 1791i.

Book DescriptionEleven-year-old Jillian’s life is changing and she’s not happy about it First of all, her mother got remarried and they moved from their house in Pennsylvania to her new stepfather’s apartmentаняйэ in New York City Second, her new stepfather has a daughter, which means Jillian now has a stepsister An evil teenage stepsister who talks on the phone all the time and has a stupid dog And finally, Jillian is being sent to camp for the summer where she has to endurбагеоe Peace Circles and sack races But Jillian gets a break when Mrs W in the penthouse apartment asks her to catsit for the summer Mrs W’s apartment is full of art and art supplies, vintage dresses and hats, and cakes and soda, and most important, it offersa great view of the windows in the building across the street Watching the neighbors is fun–until Jillian and her new friend Emily see something that doesn’t look right And it’s up to them to save the day.

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