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Octavius Bloom and the House of Doom 2003 г 32 стр ISBN 0807558206 инфо 1780i.

Book DescriptionThe new kid in school, Octavius Bloom, is a genuine detective and he's looking for a mystery to solve It looks like he came to the right place! "On Crabapple Street around the bend, in аняэщback of the house near the dark DEAD END, stuffed up inside of a rickety shed is the source of a horrible, terrible dread Something lives there But what? No one knows So it's one place in town where no kid ever goes" The other kids in class tell Octavius abouбагуъt the scary things they believe are in the shed behind Priscilla O'Moore's house And Octavius takes the case Then, as Octavius investigates, he gets the scare of a lifetime Can Octavius keep his cool or will the House of Doom claim him as its victim?.

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