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See You Down the Road : A Novel (Booklist Editor's Choice Books for Youth (Awards)) 2004 г 192 стр ISBN 0375824677 инфо 1776i.

Book DescriptionA fascinating glimpse into the lives of Irish Travelers in America, from a new voice in YA literature Welcome to Bridget’s world: Her family lives in a trailer, moving every so often; she’s eаняйхngaged and her wedding is sooner than she’d like; and her parents want her to quit high school so she can help more with the family business The problem is Bridget’s not sure the Traveler life is for her anymore She feels guilty about pulling scams, and she’s definitбагевely not sure she wants to get married, even though Patrick’s a good guy But Bridget’s always been the good girl who does what she’s told, and there’s no way her parents will let her out of the wedding And if she leaves the life, she’s out of the family for good Tautly written, with a riveting storyline and sympathetic characters coping with universal themes of family and social pressure, See You Down the Road will captivate readers to the very end.

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