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Rebel 2003 г 160 стр ISBN 0689850735 инфо 1782i.

Book Description Her name was Amanda Jane Keeling, but from the time she was two, everyone called her Rebel Rebel's first word was "No!" And it was downhill from there As a toddler she resisted аняйыstrained spinach and potty training At five, she refused to go to kindergarten Now at fourteen, she has toned down her rebellious streak somewhat, but whenever faced with a challenge she still feels the need to confront it head on, despite the opinions or advice of oбагейthers When Rebel and her friend Moses -- the only boy she's ever met who can match her in both wit and height -- witness some strange goings-on, instead of going straight to the police, they decide to investigate the matters themselves A bizarre robbery, an open door in the middle of the night, muddy footprintsall these clues lead Rebel and Moses to more questions than answers But still they won't go for help Little do they know the danger that awaits them.

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