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The Secret Apartment 2005 г 192 стр ISBN 0385746717 инфо 1791i.

Book DescriptionEleven-year-old Jillian’s life is changing and she’s not happy about it First of all, her mother got remarried and they moved from their house in Pennsylvania to her new stepfather’s apartmentаняйэ in New York City Second, her new stepfather has a daughter, which means Jillian now has a stepsister An evil teenage stepsister who talks on the phone all the time and has a stupid dog And finally, Jillian is being sent to camp for the summer where she has to endurбагеоe Peace Circles and sack races But Jillian gets a break when Mrs W in the penthouse apartment asks her to catsit for the summer Mrs W’s apartment is full of art and art supplies, vintage dresses and hats, and cakes and soda, and most important, it offersa great view of the windows in the building across the street Watching the neighbors is fun–until Jillian and her new friend Emily see something that doesn’t look right And it’s up to them to save the day.