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Как потребителю защитить свои права Серия: Час суда инфо 2108i.

Редакторы: Павел Астахов Ю Володарский Книги серии "Час суда" основаны на делах, которые рассматривались в телепередаче с тем же названием, идущей на канале REN- TV В них читатель познакомаоакаится с тем, как решаются самые разнообразные споры К каждому делу прилагается юридический комментарий, поясняющий, как рассматривает закон данную конфликтную ситуацию и на основе каких статей выносится то или иное решение В конце книги приводятся выдержки из норматибагыьвно-правовых документов, относящихся к рассматриваемым делам Третья книга посвящена вопросам защиты прав потребителя.

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The Pit Dragon Chronicles 2005 г ISBN 0152057676 инфо 2111i.

Book Description A boxed set that includes the paperback editions of Dragon's Blood, Heart's Blood, and A Sending букнь of Dragons.

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The Dragon Snatcher 2005 г 32 стр ISBN 0803731035 инфо 2114i.

Book DescriptionOne night while reading in bed, George hears a familiar noise outside His dragon has come for his help, but this time they face a daunting foe—an ice wizard who is stealing dragon eggs and keeаоакиping them locked up in his frozen castle Luckily George knows how to outwit even a powerful wizard, although things don’t turn out quite the way he expects In this companion to picture book favorites The Egg and The Great Dragon Rescue, George embarks on a spine-tiбагьеngling, surprising adventure that will thrill children—especially those too young for a certain other wizard! M P Robertson lives in England.

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Beyond the Dragon Portal 2005 г 240 стр ISBN 0525475370 инфо 2117i.

Book DescriptionSadie’s little sister, Phoebe, has vanished during the night Phoebe has been taken through the dragon portal to another world, and only Sadie can follow and bring her back But the new world iаоаклs a hostile land of dragons and fierce, winged nomads caught up in a terrible war The enemy is everywhere, and Sadie will be lucky if she ever sees Phoebe again Melissa Glenn Haber goes beyond the traditional good vs evil moral structure of fantasy in an allegory tбагьзhat couldn’t be more pertinent today.

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The Revolt (Virtual War Chronologs (Hardcover)) 2005 г 256 стр ISBN 0689842651 инфо 2119i.

Book Description What do you do when someone truly hates you? Corgan is used to being the hero Leader of the team that won the Virtual War, he chose for his reward to live on the Isles of Hiva, in an idyllаоакмic paradiseIdyllic until the clones, Brigand and Cyborg, arrived, that is Life hasn't been the same for Corgan since Now he's lucky if his former fans even remember his name But more worrisome is that he has an enemy, a mortal enemy in the form of Brigand, whohas багьиtaken over not only Corgan's mantle as the most well-known person in the Domes, but has taken Corgan's girlfriend, Sharla, away too When Brigand tried to kill Corgan back in the Wyo-Dome and failed, Corgan thought he would be free of Brigand at last But now the power-obsessed Brigand has followed him to Florida, determined to rule the Domes and finish Corgan off for good Corgan escaped from Brigand once, but can he do it again? And more importantly, does he even want to escape thisбнапс time? So now Corgan's got two choices He can fight and risk getting killed or, worse, captured by Brigand Or he can walk away and take Sharla with himif he can figure out how to use a spacecraft that hasn't been flown in more than fifty years Picking right upfrom where The Clones left off, this fast-paced sequel will not disappoint Gloria Skurzynski's eager fans.

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Arthur (The Time Soldiers Series, Book 4) 2004 г 48 стр ISBN 1929945051 инфо 2110i.

Book DescriptionIn their fourth adventure, the Time Soldiers rescue Arthur Pendragon, the boy-king who has to prove himself by pulling an ancient sword free from the stone that holds it fast They struggle to аоакбescape an evil knight, face the terror of a swinging rope bridge being cut from beneath them, defeat a raging dragon and more The mysterious men in dark suits are still watching as the Time Soldiers witness Arthur fulfilling his destiny; meet Merlin, the magician of tбагьгhe ages; and then return home, determined to solve the mysteries of the time portal.

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Dragon Slayers' Academy (Dragon Slayers' Academy) 2005 г ISBN 044843976X инфо 2112i.

Book DescriptionJoin Wiglaf and the rest of the gang at the Dragon Slayers’ Academy and find out what medieval mischief they encounter! Titles include #1 The New Kid at School; #2 Revenge of the Dragon Lady; #аоакв3 Class Trip to the Cave of Doom; and #4A Wedding for Wiglaf?.

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Wurm War (OutCast) 2005 г 208 стр ISBN 068986664X инфо 2116i.

Book Description Is this the end? Timothy and Cassandra may have beaten the evil sorcerer Alhazred, but their problems aren't over Alhazred was so tied to the matrix of energy that his death caused a magicаняучal brownout, dimming all the sorcerous power there is, both in people and in lights The brownout also caused a weakening in the dimensional barrier that kept the Wurm out of Arcanum For the first time in decades the Wurm have the chance to exact their bloody vengeancбагнеe upon the mages who sought to destroy them Can Timothy and Cassandra end the feud before the Wurm devastate Arcanum?.

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Copper 2004 г 186 стр ISBN 0399242112 инфо 2118i.

Book Description On Copper Beech’s 10th birthday, her whole world changes Her dear Aunt Ruby, who has raised her since she was a little girl, sends her away to the Marble Mountains saying she’ll be safe thereаняфг Safe? Safe from what? And why do the Marble Mountains feel so familiar? Why does living in an enormous Spindle Tree, with chairs that put you to sleep, spoons that shift to fit the form of your hand, and birds who are alarm clocks and fire lookouts, feel so comfortabбагнзle? Copper has never felt that she belonged as much as she does at Spindle House The people she meets knew her mom and dad, and someone must know what happened to them Copper is determined to steer clear of the threatening Rockers long enough to figure out the mystery—and maybe repair a family at the same time Copper grips readers right from the first page, and is certain to delight young fantasy and mystery fans.

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Thomas and the Castle (Thomas & Friends) happenings usually have reasonable explanations инфо 2121i.

Book DescriptionPercy has been telling ghost stories about Rolf’s Castle, the old ruin near one of the main lines Thomas doesn’t want to believe in ghosts, but when odd things keep happening, he gets nervousаняфж But on an important, special run, Thomas starts to figure out that mysterious happenings usually have reasonable explanations.

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