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The Revolt (Virtual War Chronologs (Hardcover)) 2005 г 256 стр ISBN 0689842651 инфо 2119i.

Book Description What do you do when someone truly hates you? Corgan is used to being the hero Leader of the team that won the Virtual War, he chose for his reward to live on the Isles of Hiva, in an idyllаоакмic paradiseIdyllic until the clones, Brigand and Cyborg, arrived, that is Life hasn't been the same for Corgan since Now he's lucky if his former fans even remember his name But more worrisome is that he has an enemy, a mortal enemy in the form of Brigand, whohas багьиtaken over not only Corgan's mantle as the most well-known person in the Domes, but has taken Corgan's girlfriend, Sharla, away too When Brigand tried to kill Corgan back in the Wyo-Dome and failed, Corgan thought he would be free of Brigand at last But now the power-obsessed Brigand has followed him to Florida, determined to rule the Domes and finish Corgan off for good Corgan escaped from Brigand once, but can he do it again? And more importantly, does he even want to escape thisбнапс time? So now Corgan's got two choices He can fight and risk getting killed or, worse, captured by Brigand Or he can walk away and take Sharla with himif he can figure out how to use a spacecraft that hasn't been flown in more than fifty years Picking right upfrom where The Clones left off, this fast-paced sequel will not disappoint Gloria Skurzynski's eager fans.

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