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Copper 2004 г 186 стр ISBN 0399242112 инфо 2118i.

Book Description On Copper Beech’s 10th birthday, her whole world changes Her dear Aunt Ruby, who has raised her since she was a little girl, sends her away to the Marble Mountains saying she’ll be safe thereаняфг Safe? Safe from what? And why do the Marble Mountains feel so familiar? Why does living in an enormous Spindle Tree, with chairs that put you to sleep, spoons that shift to fit the form of your hand, and birds who are alarm clocks and fire lookouts, feel so comfortabбагнзle? Copper has never felt that she belonged as much as she does at Spindle House The people she meets knew her mom and dad, and someone must know what happened to them Copper is determined to steer clear of the threatening Rockers long enough to figure out the mystery—and maybe repair a family at the same time Copper grips readers right from the first page, and is certain to delight young fantasy and mystery fans.

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