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Постатейный комментарий к новой редакции закона РФ "О защите прав потребителей" прав потребителей Автор Татьяна Золотухина инфо 2057i.

Настоящий Комментарий составлен на основании Закона РФ "О защите прав потребителей" и других нормативно-правовых актов, действующих в области защиты прав потребителей, с учетом последних изменений и анятудополнений, внесенных ФЗ от 25 ноября 2006 г № Ш-ФЗ Книга содержит подробный анализ статей Закона, пояснения по наиболее сложным практическим вопросам, рекомендации потребителям и примеры судебной практики по разрешению возникающих правовых споров Издание будет интбагляересно как юристам, студентам юридических и экономических вузов и факультетов, так и всем гражданам, желающим получить необходимую информацию о защите прав потребителей Автор Татьяна Золотухина.

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Rip Van Winkle 2003 г 110 стр ISBN 1883789400 инфо 2061i.

Book DescriptionWashington Irving's story of a man who sleeps for twenty years in the Catskill Mountains and awakens to find a changed world has been a classic of American Literature This deluxe gift edition анятчcarefully reproduces thity-four of Arthir Rackham's enchanting and exquisuute paintings.

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Серия: Читаем в оригинале инфо 2066i.

Книга "Принц Каспиан" входит в серию повестей-сказок известного английского писателя Клайва Льюиса В ней рассказывается о тревожных временах, наступивших в Нарнии Страну завоевали жестокие тельмариаоазънцы, загнавшие коренных жителей Нарнии в дремучие леса и неприступные горы Принц Каспиан, на глазах которого его дядя, узурпатор Мираз, творит бесчинства, решается протрубить в Волшебный Рог Питер, Сьюзен, Эдмунд и Люси - герои далекого прошлого - еще раз оказываютсябагър в своем бывшем королевстве Перед ними стоит практически невыполнимая задача - спасти Нарнию Издание сопровождается лексико-грамматическим комментарием и словарем Автор Клайв Стейплз Льюис Clive Staples Lewis Клайв Стейплз Льюис родился 29 ноября 1898 года в Белфасте в семье стряпчего Рано проявил интерес к мифологии и литературе, поддержанный и развитый УТКеркпатриком, учителем, у которого Льюис частным образом обучался в 1914-1917 годах В 1917 .

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Bionicle Chronicles (Bionicle Chronicles) 2004 г 620 стр ISBN 0439690536 инфо 2069i.

Book Description In the time before time, a great being watched over the ancient land of Mata Nui, protecting it from harm But now a powerful entity, Makuta, has arisen, and a dark and evil shadow has falleаоаизn over land Just when all seems lost, six heroes emrge from the darkness These mighty warriors are the Toa, and they have a single destiny: Destroy Makuta and restore peace to the land Theirs will be a difficult mission, filled with grave dangersThe BIONICLE CHRONIбагъшCLEs tell the tale of the heroes' struggle to fulfill their destiny Packed with a unique collectibel BIONICLE mask.

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Conrad's Fate (Chrestomanci Books (Hardcover)) 2005 г 384 стр ISBN 0060747439 инфо 2071i.

AmazoncomDevotees of The Chrestomanci Quartet and Mixed Magics will pounce on this sixth title in the series by Diana Wynne Jones, whose reputation as a fantasy writer is also enhanced by Archer’s Goon and Hoанятэwl’s MovingCastle (soon to be an animated film) In this Chrestomanci tale, the nine-lived enchanter Christopher, who fans will remember from other books, appears as a dapper and self-possessed 15-year-old, and the narrator is young Conrad Tesdinic, who at the age of tбагмиwelve has just finished school in the mountain village of Stallchester in the English Alps He yearns to go on to Stall High, but his tight-fisted Uncle Alfred has other plans With the help of magical spells and a story of bad karma, he intimidates Conrad into going off to serve on the staff at Stallery Mansion, burdened with a secret about an unknown person he must kill Conrad makes the best of his new life, especially after he meets his elegant new roommate Christopher, who is, heбнаку explains, the heir in a different time level to the job of Chrestomanci, an enchanter appointed by the government to control the use of magic Conrad joins him in his desperate search for his friend Millie, who has vanished from a parallel time track Amusing scenes of life below stairs in the highly stratified servants’ quarters alternate with the boys’ strange adventures as they seek through other realities within the castle on their day off, glimpsing Millie but never able to reach her With Wynne Jones’ characteristic skill at plotting, the finale is a whirlwind of revealed alter-identities and just desserts for villains, ending with as many satisfying romantic pairings as a Shakespeare comedy (Ages 10-13) --Patty CampbellBook Description "Unless you put right what you did wrong in your previous life -- and put it right now -- you are going to be horribly and painfully dead before the year's out" Someone at the mysterious Stallery Mansion is pulling the pбсфэмossibilities At first only small details change -- the color of the mailboxes, the titles of books -- but the changes keep getting bigger and bigger It's up to Conrad Tesdinic, a twelve-year-old with truly terrible karma, to find the person behind it all Armed with his camera and a sticky cork that can summon an eerie being called a Walker, Conrad infiltrates the staff at Stallery And he's not the only one snooping around the mansion His fellow servant-in-training -- charming, confident Christopher Chant -- is searching for his friend Millie, who's lost in one of the possibilities Christopher always seems to have a trick up his sleeve To find the person behind all the mischief and to rescue Millie, the two boys have to work together Can they keep Conrad's fate fromcatching up to them?.

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Little Critter: Just a School Project (Little Critter) 2004 г 24 стр ISBN 0060539461 инфо 2059i.

Book Description Little Critter has chosen the best topic ever for his science project -- caterpillars! Did you know that a caterpillar starts out its life as an egg? Or that a caterpillar eats leaves and flаоазшowers all day and all night? Join Little Critter as he plans, researches, and creates his project, all in time for this year’s big science fair.

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Learn to Read With Classic Stories, Grade 2 Издательство: American Education Publishing, 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 320 стр ISBN 0769633528 инфо 2062i.

The Learn to Read With Classic Stories series is a collection of fairytales, fables, folktales, rhymes, and legends that can be read and reread over and over Follow-up activities will broaden the reader's knанятъowledge and skills base Beautifully illustrated by well-known picture book illustrators Six classic stories in a single volume Each story is color coded for easy reference Educational activities are also color coded to the story Activity pages are perforatedбагмж for easy removal 1 edition Автор Винсент Дуглас Vincent Douglas.

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew Серия: Читаем в оригинале инфо 2067i.

Книга `Племянник чародея` входит в целую серию повестей-сказок известного английского писателя Клайва Льюиса и рассказывает об удивительных приключениях двух маленьких лондонцев, мальчика Дигори и девочки Поллаоаиди, в волшебной стране Нарнии Книга снабжена лексико-грамматическим комментарием Автор Клайв Стейплз Льюис Clive Staples Lewis Клайв Стейплз Льюис родился 29 ноября 1898 года в Белфасте в семье стряпчего Рано проявил интерес к мифологии и литературе, поддержанныбагъуй и развитый УТКеркпатриком, учителем, у которого Льюис частным образом обучался в 1914-1917 годах В 1917 .

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Shadows In The Sky Издательство: Scholastic, 2008 г Мягкая обложка, 128 стр ISBN 0439916410 инфо 2070i.

The Toa's mission takes them to new heights The Toa Nuva have returned and must continue their quest to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui With new armor that allows them to soar in the sky, the Toa begiаоаикn a journey that will lead them to a myserious city in the clouds When they arrive a battle is already raging, will the Toa choose the right side? Автор Грег Фаршти Greg Farshtey.

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Racer Dogs 2003 г 32 стр ISBN 0525459391 инфо 2073i.

Book DescriptionWild and wacky racer dogs press the pedal in this picture book so original and funny it's guaranteed to stop traffic and win first place in the hearts of young dog and car lovers Bingo, Stinkyаоаим, Wags, Trixie, Dodger, Zigzag, Flick, and Racer Jack all have their eyes on the trophy cup But adventures await before victory can be claimed-confusing road signs, breakdowns, pit stops-not to mention Racer Jack's penchant for driving the wrong way, which creates a cбагъrashing conclusion for all! BobKolar's ingenious rhymes and wittily detailed world guarantee uproarious read-aloud fun So GO GO GO!.

Цена 1114 руб.