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Стратегическое развитие организации Издательство: КноРус, 2005 г Мягкая обложка, 288 стр ISBN 5-85971-079-8 Тираж: 3000 экз Формат: 60x90/16 (~145х217 мм) инфо 1851i.

Рассмотрены подходы к стратегическому управлению организацией и внутрифирменному планированию в области функциональных стратегий, стратегических проектов и программ Анализируются особенности стратегических изанялрменений в организациях в период реализации стратегии и даны основы оценки эффективности стратегических изменений Для студентов, аспирантов и преподавателей экономических факультетов и вузов, а также для экономистов, бухгалтеров, руководителей организаций Авторы Юбагзмрий Лапыгин Денис Лапыгин Татьяна Лачинина.

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Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge : A Ghost Story 2005 г 444 стр ISBN 0152054715 инфо 1853i.

Book Description A haunted dollhouse threatens to destroy many lives--both past and present Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge : A букоу Ghost Story.

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False Notes Издательство: Aladdin, 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 160 стр ISBN 0689865686 инфо 1856i.

I'm always up for a good mystery, but when the big question is what I should get Dad for his birthday, I don't have a clue! And then another mystery comes my way -- one that involves Heather Simmons, a leadinанялцg candidate in the upcoming election for mayor of River Heights My friends and I are pretty sure that her daughter Leslie, musician extraordinaire, has been kidnapped But the thing is, nobody is saying a word about it! It's hard to crack a case like this when no oneбагзн will even admit that one exists But I won't let a little thing like that stop me when I smell trouble Автор Каролин Кин Carolyn Keene.

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Mess Detectives, The: The Big Sleepover 2004 г 40 стр ISBN 0310707366 инфо 1859i.

Book DescriptionDetectives, Bob and Larry, sort through another mess as they help kids learn a lesson букне in responsibility.

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The Deep End Gang 2003 г 128 стр ISBN 092914189X инфо 1861i.

Book DescriptionTwelve-year-old Martin Jessup, teller of tall tales and other untruths, cannot understand his sister's objections to the family's move from the big city to a quiet town With Dad in the militarаоаалy, moving is a fact of life Settling into his new home, Martin is intrigued by a deserted house across the street and by an unfriendly neighbour, who seems to be waiting for something to happen He and new friends Granger and Holly form a club that meets in the deepбагхъ end of an empty swimming pool They tell Martin that the deserted house is all that remains of the Govier estate and about an unsolved mystery--the disappearance years ago of Victor Govier One night, Martin sees a light in the deserted house and the adventures of the Deep End Gang begin.

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The Sullivan Girls and the Mystery of Moonhouse 2003 г 104 стр ISBN 0595295800 инфо 1852i.

Book DescriptionWhat secrets are buried deep in the ancient ruins of Moonhouse? When three sisters are sent to stay with their grandparents for the summer, they stumble upon perplexing characters deep in the sаняяяouthwest desert Who can they trust? The independent threesome must rely on courage and each other in order to survive the escapades and live to tell the tale The Sullivan Sisters and the Mystery of Moonhouse is a witty adventure, both parents and children alike will багхуfind endearing.

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The Samurai And The Long-Nosed Devils 2004 г 207 стр ISBN 0804836086 инфо 1854i.

Book DescriptionCivil wars ravaged Japan in the 16th century Thousands of samurai were left jobless when their feudal lords were overthrown These masterless samurai, or ronin, wandered the country looking fаоаажor work and adventureThe Samurai and theLong-Nosed Devils follows two ronin who find themselves employed as bodyguards for two Portuguese missionaries who are hated and feared by many Japanese This wry and witty mystery examines two cultural points of view as they clбагхщash head on.

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White Serpent Castle 2004 г 179 стр ISBN 0804836094 инфо 1857i.

Book DescriptionThere was once a castle shaped like a writhing serpent and reputed to be haunted According to legend, the daughter of a former lord of the region had thrown herself into the castle moat and chанялчanged into a monstrous serpent This exciting mystery follows Zenta and Matsuzo, two unemployed samurai warriors, or ronin, who arrive at the castle to uncover a web of intrigue, jealousy, and murderThis expertly crafted puzzler is as thrilling and sharp as a samurai sword.

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Find the Miracle #4 (WatchingAlice) 2005 г 176 стр ISBN 1595140042 инфо 1860i.

Book Description Tom Sinclair is on the run-wanted for murder and kidnapping Disturbing messages from the mystery person known as "WatchingAlice" continue to taunt him And each new clue he uncoversаоаай further obscures the truth about his girlfriend's disappearance With the cops, his father, and an old enemy on his tail, Tom will need a miracle to track down his love-before it's too late.

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The Case of the Autumn Rose (Davis Dective Mysteries) 2003 г 204 стр ISBN 0825420040 инфо 1862i.

Book DescriptionKirstin and Arthur Davis are the successful partners of the Davis Detective Agency They have an unblemished record of taking down locker thieves But now, they are up to their necks in a real анялщinternational mystery Guaranteed fiction!.

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