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Babe : The Gallant Pig (Babe) 2005 г 144 стр ISBN 0375829709 инфо 7214i.

AmazoncomBabe is a sensitive soul, deeply loyal to those who are kind to him So when he is taken in by Farmer Hogget's sheepdog, Fly, it's only natural that he would want to follow in his foster mum's paw-stаоачзeps Even with Babe's considerable handicaps as a sheepdog--namely, that he's a pig--he manages to overcome all with his earnestly polite and soft-spoken ways, proving once again that might doesn't always make right After saving the sheep from rustlers and wild dogs, бадгыBabe convinces Hogget that his idea of becoming a sheep-pig "b'aint so stupid" as it might look But neither Hogget nor Babe, nor anyone else, could have predicted what follows As utterly charming as Charlotte's Web, this book is bound to pluck even the tightest heartstrings Masterful characterization brings every personality to vibrant life, while Mary Rayner's lively line illustrations only elucidate images Dick King-Smith has already planted in the reader's mind Herdбнаущ the whole farmyard together: readers of all ages, ambitions, and antecedents will love this one --Emilie CoulterBook DescriptionKnopf is proud to present a handsome 20th-anniversary edition of Dick King-Smith’s bestselling novel that became an Academy Award–nominated movie When Babe arrives at Hogget Farm, Mrs Hogget’s thoughts turn to sizzling bacon and juicy pork chops—until he reveals a surprising talent for sheepherding, that is Before long, Babe is handling Farmer Hogget’s flock better than any sheepdog ever could Babe is so good, in fact, that the farmer enters him into the Grand Challenge Sheepdog Trials Will it take a miracle for Babe to win? Complete with the original text and stunningly reillustrated by acclaimed artist Maggie Kneen, this anniversary edition of Babe is perfect to introduce a new generation of readers to the magical story of a pig like no other.

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