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Noises at Night 2005 г 32 стр ISBN 0810957507 инфо 7200i.

Book Description When a little boy can't fall asleep, he imagines all of the late-night noises in his house as extraordinary adventures With illustrations by the illustrator of the best-selling Diary of a Womаоацкbat, the outlandish images of bedtime dreams are brought to life From the hisss of a heater to the whiee of the wind, noises suddenly become other fantastic sounds and soon lead to great adventures for a newly tucked-in boy and his dog The drip of a faucet becomes tбадгнhe waves splashing the bow of his great ship and the boom of thunder is the drumroll for a circus trapeze artist With dynamic, vibrant illustrations by the popular illustrator, Bruce Whatley, and musical rhyme by Beth Raisner Glass and Susan Lubner,Noises at Night perfectly captures the imagination of every sleepless child at bedtime and shows kids that bedtime is more fun than scary-and exhausting! After all of his dream-like wanderings, the boy and his dog fall asleep.

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