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Lighthouse Fireflies 2005 г 32 стр ISBN 0974914541 инфо 7196i.

Book DescriptionJoin the little lighthouse sweeper as he realizes the true meaning of friendship and self-sacrifice through his little flickering friends, the lighthouse fireflies Lighthouse Fireflies will meаоациsmerize every child and adult who loves fireflies, beaches, and lighthouses Lighthouse Fireflies is sure to capture your hearts and will bring awareness of the importance of taking care of nature and our precious lighthouses, some of the rarest gems of the world бадгмq"I opened my jar hoping one would fly in, the bottom made from glass and the top made from tin I decided to be as quiet as a mouse scurrying in the sand, silently setting my jar down to catch a firefly by hand A must have for every lighthouse and firefly lover!.

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