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The Fun-damentals: Puns, Parables (Adventures in Odyssey, 4) 2004 г 360 стр ISBN 158997073X инфо 7183i.

Book Description Another exciting collection of Adventures in Odyssey episodes is now available in CD format and repackaged cassette! In The FUN-damentals, the Odyssey kids manage to get themselves into all аоахыkinds of interesting predicaments But with a little help from John Avery Wittaker, the kids learn that God can guide them through anything In Volume 4 of the Adventures in Odyssey series, children of all ages will hear more of their favorite episodes, including: бадгдq"By Faith, Noah" "The Prodigal, Jimmy" "A Matter of Obedience" "And When You Pray…" "A Good and Faithful Servant" "Choices" And many more!.

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