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The Education of Patience Goodspeed 2004 г 320 стр ISBN 0689864116 инфо 7175i.

Book Description When the Morning Star sets sail on the Pacific in 1836, fourteen-year-old Patience Goodspeed can't wait to be the assistant navigator But when danger strikes, Captain Goodspeed whisks his cаоасоhildren, Patience and Tad, and their aunt Anne off to a boarding school in Hawaii until the ship returns Here Reverend Wiggins, the headmaster, thinks girls should study sewing instead of math Then there's more trouble in paradise: Fanny Starbuck, a widow from Nantuбадатcket, is the silliest and frilliest etiquette teacher ever And Patience discovers that Fanny's been writing love letters to the ship; fetching a proposal from Papa, for sure! Sometimes growing up on dry land can be even rockier than a voyage on the sea, but Patience is about to learn that true friendship will sail her through it.

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