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Disney Pixar Amazing Adventures : Movie Theater Storybook & Movie Projector (Movie Theater Storybooks) when the lights are dimmed инфо 2130i.

Book Description Amazing Adventures MOVIE THEATER Storybook & Movie Projector The stars are shining bright in the Disney • Pixar Amazing Adventures Movie Theater Storybook Join Woody, Buzz Lightyear,аняхк Sulley, Mike, and all the lovable characters from Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monster, Inc, and Finding Nemo, as they come to life in this innovative book This delightful collection of stories comes with a unique, removable movie projector and ten picture багнуdisks that let children project colorful story images on the wall as they read The projector also includes its own reading light so the book can be read even when the lights are dimmed.

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