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Mouse Went Out to Get a Snack 2005 г 32 стр ISBN 0374376727 инфо 2099i.

Book Description A mouse counting on a snack A peckish mouse on the hunt for a light snack - something like a piece of cheese - climbs up the table and finds a feast fit for a king He prepares an enormous аоайчplatter filled with everythingfrom chicken legs to tacos to cupcakes - and of course there's cheese, too However, the cat is onto him, and a chase ensues as the mouse desperately shoulders his smorgasbord back to his hole - but it's too small! All the food flies up, uбагыфp, up, landing on the unfortunate feline All except the cheese, that is, which bounces safely into the mousehole In addition to being a happy adventure with the simplest of texts and hilarious pictures, there is the bonus of counting the items of food the mousepiles on - and later loses - from the single cheese portion up to the ten slices of chocolate cake.

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