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The Nobodies 2005 г 304 стр ISBN 0060557389 инфо 2095i.

Book Description A note from N E Bode: As you may know, my insanely jealous creative writing teacher is after me And while I narrowly avoid attempts on my life, I'm writing these new adventures of Fern aаоайуnd Howard They are on their way to Camp Happy Sunshine Good Times, a camp for young Anybodies But camp doesn't turn out to be what they expected First there are the Anybodies who rule as counselors: some have gills, some have beaks! There's a vicious mole attacking багырcampers! And why is it that every time Fern shakes a book, a bottle plops out with an urgent message from the Nobodies? Who are the Nobodies, and what do they want from Fern? This book promises weird surprises! Multiple jujitsu-like plot twists! A girl whose braids turn into snakes! So go on, read the book already! You might just learn the secret art of being an Anybody .

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