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Magnus at the Fire 2005 г 32 стр ISBN 0689839227 инфо 2092i.

Book Description Magnus lives and works at the Broadway Firehouse He knows that when the fire alarm clangs, he and his partners, Billy and Sparks, are supposed to spring into action Without them the firemeаоайлn would never be able to move the gigantic steam pumper And without a pumper the crew wouldn't be able to put out fires Then one day the captain drives into the firehouse on a loud, newfangled contraption called a motorized fire truck It doesn't need horses to pullбагын it to a fire So just likethat, Magnus, Sparks, and Billy are out of a job A little history, a little humor, and a whole lot of heart are artfully blended in this rousing tale of one high-spirited horse who can't accept being put out to pasture And thank goodness! Because it's this steadfast sense of duty that ultimately saves the day.

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