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Agent A To Agent Z 2004 г 40 стр ISBN 0439368820 инфо 2082i.

AmazoncomCan Agent A complete his mission and uncover a rogue spy? Find out, in this silly, spy-themed alphabet book by illustrator-author Andy Rash (The Robots Are Coming) as you walk through the alphabet onаоаияe letter (and one secret agent) at a time Agent A receives an urgent mission from the boss: "Every spy who is official/ uses words with his initial/ But one spy is out of line/ I need to know his name by nine" So the faithful agent takes off, racing thrбагыгough the alphabet to find the troublemaker: "Agent B correctly chooses/ Blue and so the Bomb defuses"; "Agent C is Crawling up/ the window using suction Cups" Crossing suspects off his list, Agent A works his way through a goofy, bumbling crew of colleagues who wear all sorts of crazy gear to complete their missions: "Agent I is Incognito,/ posing as a large mosquito" All the stories check out, until Agent A makes a startling discovery that could get hiбнапзm kicked out of the agency (and make him miss the big Agent Dance!) Rash keepsthe pace fast and funny, drawing dynamic spreads that maintain the book's mock-serious, Get Smart tone while still providing plenty of colorful, comedic details, from surreptitiously poisoned martinis to a gadget-equipped circular agent bed (Ages 4 to 8) --Paul HughesBook Description Agent A is on Assignment to find the spy not in alignment --Whose actions don't quite match his name Want to join A in the game? It might look easy, but it's not Here's one alphabetic lot:"Agent B correctly chooses Blue, and so the Bomb defuses""Agent C is Crawling upthe window using suction Cups"All the way from A to Z, not one dud rhyme will you seeAnd it's all drawn with style and flash by the amazing Agent RashEnjoy the mission! Best of luck And now this page will self-destruct.

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