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Tell Me a Scary Story But Not Too Scary! (Book & Audio CD) SCARY STORY on the accompanying CD инфо 2074i.

AmazoncomFor all those kids who love to be scared on Halloween--but not too scared, award-winning director and comedy writer Carl Reiner produces a real spine chiller He also offers plenty of outs for the faаоаиоint of heart: "Is it getting too scaryfor you? Should I keep going? Okay, if you say so" No red-blooded young reader will be able to resist this tantalizing tale of monsters and mystery The narrator (depicted by Jerry Seinfeld's Halloween illustrator, Jamesбагъя Bennett, to look exactly like Carl Reiner) cozies up with his granddaughter to tell her all about the man he met when he was a child: Mr Neewollah Mr Neewollah has a crooked smile (we have several creepy child's-eye views) and some very strange hobbies Young Carl is lured into his basement workshop only to be scared out of his wits by fake eyeballs, creaking doors, and creepy things covered with cloth--not to mention hideous monsters But is Mr Neewollah truly as sinister as he бнапжseems? In his first book for children, Reiner gets that kids love to be spooked--and to know that all is well, too Bennett's exaggerated illustrations, featuring weird angles and vivid, in-your-face close-ups, are a good match for Reiner’s Halloween tale Too busy in your own evil workshop to read aloud to the kids? Fear not! The book includes a CD featuring Reiner reading the story accompanied by eerie sound effects (Ages 6 to 9) --Emilie CoulterBook DescriptionSomething with red beams of light shooting from its eyes was coming down the basement stairs It came closer and closerThe hair on the back of my neck was sticking straight out I finally saw it--and it was alive! Everyone loves scary stories and award-winning comedy writer/director Carl Reiner invites readers to huddle close as he tells a young boy's tale of the mysterious house next door As the story becomes spookier and spookier, Reiner pauses to ask "Shall we turn the page--or is it too scary?"бсфэщ That's for you to decide! Parents and children can read along together as they listen to the spooky sound effects and Carl Reiner's hilarious reading of TELL ME A SCARY STORYon the accompanying CD.

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