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The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Unabridged Classics) 2004 г 344 стр ISBN 1402714564 инфо 1971i.

Book Description The illustrations for this series were created by Scott McKowen, who, with his wife Christina Poddubiuk, operates Punch & Judy Inc, a company specializing in design and illustration forаняпч theater and performing arts Their projects often involve research into the visual aspects of historical settings and characters Christina is a theater set and costume designer and contributed advice on the period clothing for the illustrations Scott created these багклdrawings in scratchboard ­ an engraving medium which evokes the look of popular art from the period of these stories Scratchboard is an illustration board with a specifically prepared surface of hard white chalk A thin layer of black ink is rolled over the surface, and linesare drawn by hand with a sharp knife by scraping through the ink layer to expose the white surface underneath The finished drawings are then scanned and the color is added digitally He stole from the rich and бнайяgave to the poor, and in so doing became an undying symbol of virtue But most important, Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men offer young readers more than enough adventure and thrills to keep them turning the pages Who could resist the arrows flying, danger lurking, and medieval intrigue? Download DescriptionYou who so plod amid serious things that you feel it shame to give yourself up even for a few short moments to mirth and joyousness in the land of Fancy; you who think that life hath nought to do with innocent laughter that can harm no one; these pages are not for you Clap to the leaves and go no farther than this, for I tell you plainly that if you go farther you will be scandalized by seeing good, sober folks of real history so frisk and caper in gay colors and motley that you would not know them but for the names tagged to them Here is a stout, lusty fellow with a quick temper, yet none so ill for all that, who goes by the name of Henry II Here is a fair, gentбсфэбle lady before whom all the others bow and call her Queen Eleanor Here is a fat rogue of a fellow, dressed up in rich robes of a clerical kind, that all the good folk call my Lord Bishop of Hereford Here is a certain fellow with a sour temper and a grim look - the worshipful, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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