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Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (Works in Translation) 2004 г 208 стр ISBN 0763625159 инфо 1957i.

Book DescriptionRediscover thirteen of Andersen's best-loved tales in this definitive edition — highlighted with introductions by an esteemed translator and illuminated with fanciful artwork from an acclaimed аняпзillustrator Open the pages of this magnificent volume and enter the fairy-tale realm of Hans Christian Andersen! In a playful design that echoes Andersen's passion for miniature theaters, artist Joel Stewart depicts such well-known characters as the pea-sensitive Priбагйяncess and the unclothed Emperor as actors on a timeless stage Expert commentary by Naomi Lewis offers historical and biographical points of interest, revealing that "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" is the first fairy tale ever to feature a nonhuman hero (now a hallmark of children¹s literature) and that "The Ugly Duckling," considered Andersen's autobiography, is a tale he especially loved to read aloud In thirteen of his most enduring tales, savor the singular voice бнайэof this literary giant — the "washerwoman's crazy son" who became one of the best-known storytellers of all time.

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