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Crusade in Jeans 2003 г 307 стр ISBN 188691026X инфо 1938i.

Book DescriptionRudolf Hefting of Amsterdam thought he was engaged in an experiment that would take him back to the Middle Ages to a tournament of knights But by a miscalculation of the computer, he arrives iаоагьn the Rhineland at the exact time that the Children's Crusade is passing through A stranded traveler in time, Rudolf joins the immense children's army -- almost 10,000 strong With Rudolf, the reader struggles to understand how it was possible that children between thбагчэe ages of 6 and 15 thought theycould travel across Europe, then cross the sea to drive away the Saracens from the Holy Land They had no weapons, transportation, or money; they experienced hunger, epidemics, and death The dreadful conditions he encounters compel him to use his 20th-century knowledge to try to create order out of chaos In spite of himself, he becomes a leader and organizer And along the way he also experiences loyal friendships, courage, and devotion to God This woбнаохnderfully rich story is a winner of the Golden Pen,the most prestigious Dutch national award for children's books.