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Saint Francis Sings to Brother Sun : A Celebration of His Kinship with Nature 2005 г 64 стр ISBN 0763615633 инфо 1932i.

Book DescriptionFrom Karen Pandell and Bijou Le Tord comes an ode to Saint Francis's connection with nature that transcends culture and faith — an inspiration for all time and all people Sing praises to all аоагшYour creatures, And above all to Brother Sun, Who gives us the day as He enlightens us -From Saint Francis's "The Canticle of Brother Sun" More than eight hundred years ago, a once-privileged young man cast off his worldly possessions to live an austere lifбагчьe amidnature, where his gentleness and compassionate words drew even wild creatures to his feet The now-legendary Saint Francis of Assisi receives a fitting tribute in this elegant, inviting volume, in which stanzas of the "Canticle of Brother Sun" are interwoven with nature tales about the man who composed this sacred song and followed by an author's note, biography, bibliography, and source notes Illustrated by Bijou Le Tord in delicate, graceful charcoal drawings highliбнаняghted with gold, reflecting both thesaint's simplicity and his joyous spirit, this beautiful compilation by Karen Pandell makes it clear that the songs and stories of Saint Francis are indeed the heritage of every child.

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