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High Risk Издательство: Aladdin, 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 160 стр ISBN 0689865694 инфо 1921i.

It looks like Evaline Waters, a River Heights resident, is knee-deep in trouble A huge corporation is suing her for her land; they want to tear down her house and put up a warehouse And documentation of theаоагм zoning law that would protect Evaline's right to keep her land is missing Figures! I've got to find that document, but it's hard to focus on the land when I'm cruising at ten thousand feet See, Ned and I are taking flying lessons, him with Colonel Lang, a friend ofбагчм his family, and me with Frank Beltrano, an instructor at our local airport It's a good thing I'm good at juggling more than two balls at once Too bad I'm not the only one Автор Каролин Кин Carolyn Keene.