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Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception (Sammy Keyes) 2005 г 304 стр ISBN 0440419921 инфо 1911i.

AmazoncomSammy Keyes, girl sleuth extraordinaire, cracks the case once again in the latest installment of Wendelin Van Draanen's smart, snappy mystery series for readers ages 11 and older This time, the trouаоавъble begins when 13-year-old Sammy ("a magnet for mayhem") attends a fancy reception at an art gallery (wearing high-tops, of course) and ends up tackling a gun-wielding art burglar who crashes the party He, however, proves to be only one of an entire galleryбагчв of rogues As ever, Van Draanen crafts an entertaining, multi-layered page-turner starring a brash, likable heroine with a big mouth and a big heart Throw in a little romance at a Renaissance Faire, a whole new side to Sammy's grandmother (what's this about a tricked-out Harley?), and some thoughtful views on the nature of art, and voila! you have one of the best Sammy Keyes books to date (Ages 11 and older) --Karin SnelsonBook DescriptionSammy Keyes has a lot of nerve Wearing higбнанщh-tops to a fancy reception at an art gallery Asking why a framed orange splot is worth $10,000 Eyebrows rise Noses turn up But then Sammy tackles a thief who tries to break up the soiree with a stickup Now the patrons of the arts are glad she has a lot of nerve Or are they? Sammy mayhave stopped a criminal, but the real crime has yet to be discovered The real crime is more subtle, more artful, than anything Sammy’s ever seen She had no idea art could be so dangerous This edition also includes a free cd including an interview with Wendelin, a reading from Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes, and "The Sammy Keyes Song" From the Hardcover edition.

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