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Invisible Detective: Double Life (Invisible Detective) 2005 г 204 стр ISBN 0399243135 инфо 1870i.

Book DescriptionWho is the Invisible Detective? To the people of London, 1936, he’s a shadowy crimefighter whose face has never been seen Truth is, he’s the creation of four extraordinary kids who solve mysteаоааэries in his name And neither an army of murderous zombie mannequins nor a subterranean monster can stop the Invisible Detective once the kids are on the case Meanwhile, in present day, fourteen-year-old Arthur Drake finds the casebook of the Invisible Detective in aбагцо strange old antique store Stranger still, the casebook is in his own handwriting With a little help from his grandfather, Arthur not only uncovers his link to the Invisible Detective, but soon finds himself plunged into mysteries of his own Filled with spine-tingling suspense and a good dose of humor, The Invisible Detective is a fun new series that will leave mystery fans hungry for more.

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