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The Convicts 2005 г 208 стр ISBN 038573087X инфо 1827i.

Book DescriptionAfter seeing his father hauled off to debtor’s prison, Tom Tin sets out to take revenge on Mr Goodfellow, the man responsible for his family’s misfortunes But the fog-filled London streets arаняяаe teeming with sinister characters Tom encounters a blind man who scavenges the riverbed for treasure—and wants what Tom digs up; Worms, a body snatcher who reveals a shocking surprise; and a nasty gang of young pickpockets who mistake Tom for someone ominously known багфшas the Smasher And ultimately, Tom comes up against the cruel hand of the law Accused of murder, Tom is given a seven-year sentence He is to be transported to Van Diemen’s Land with other juvenile convicts But Tom can’t abide life on the Hulk, the old ship where the boys are temporarily held He decides to escape But if he’s to succeed, his luck needs to turn .

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