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Black Turtle : Tale of the Turtle 2005 г 162 стр ISBN 059536375X инфо 1812i.

Book DescriptionWhat do you do when you find out that a number of school officials and the entire sheriff’s department are running a drug lab in a nearby abandoned mine? If you’re a kid living in a small deserаняюхt town, there’s not much you can do besides disrupt class and play silly pranks But if you happen to get a little inside information, the odds can tip in your favor Robbie has heard all of the wild stories and the warnings to stay away from the Black Turtle Mine, bбагфпut he has to investigate the mine for himself After happening upon what looks like a drug-manufacturing operation, Robbie’s life is completely disrupted He is framed for bringing methamphetamines to school and thrown into a juvenile detention center, and hismother is accused of being unfit With the school principal and counselor in league with the sheriff and his deputies in a drug ring, the chances of Robbie getting fair and unbiased treatment seem pretty unlikely Schoolmates Saбнанбwyer, Dylan, and James, along with their science teacher, Keith, join forces on a dangerous quest to free James’s wrongfully incarcerated cousin Robbie and bring the criminals to justice.