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Calliope Day Falls in Love? 2003 г 160 стр ISBN 0385730705 инфо 1795i.

Book DescriptionIt’s just another Sunday at Spackle’s Roller Rink for Calliope Day and her best friend, Noreen Catherwood Until Calliope discovers the red love poem someone has stuck in Noreen’s pistachio iceаняйя cream Calliope is intrigued–who is this mystery poet? His humor reminds her of her father, who died of cancer Can there really be a boy out there like him? This is a boy she’d like to meet But why is he sending love poems to Noreen and not to her? She was named forбагеф a Greek muse after all! If anyone can find out the mystery poet’s identity, it’s Calliope She quickly narrows her suspects down to two boys But it turns out there’s more than one mystery poet And plenty of poetry to go around.

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