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Webster's New Explorer Dictionary And Thesaurus 2004 г 1366 стр ISBN 1892859785 инфо 1683i.

Book DescriptionThis valuable new reference fills all your speaking and writing needs With more than 400,000 definitions, synonyms, antonyms, related and contrasted words, and idioms you will always be able tаняывo find the right word A Handbook of Style and special sections on Foreign Words and Phrases, Biographical and Geographical Names, and Commonly Used Signs and Symbols are handy references Also included are useful tables like The Metric System, Weights and Measures, Moбагспney, Chemical Elements, and more Additionally, Webster's New Explorer Dictionary and Thesaurus features a 48 page, full-color world atlas created for this edition by Encyclopaedia Britannica Up-to-date and rich in detail, it is a valuable resource for every family member.

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