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Ajapa the Tortoise : A Book of Nigerian Folk Tales (Dover Evergreen Classics) 2003 г 112 стр ISBN 0486423611 инфо 4939h.

Book Description This entertaining collection of traditional Nigerian folk tales is filled with instructive lessons in honesty, loyalty, and true friendship The stories begin with the whimsical tale of Ajapанюъиa the Tortoise who, in "Tortoise Goes Wooing," learns important lessons in sharing Other stories tell of Tortoise and the fly, how Tortoise acquired some of the world's wisdom, how he saved the king and tricked the lion, what happened when Tortoise rented hiбавшшs house, why he became bald, and much more The 30 time-honored tales, handed down from generation to generation, will enchant an audience of young listeners just as much as it will delight readers of all ages Unabridged republication of the edition published by A & C Black, Ltd, London, 1929 8 full-page illus.

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