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Bambi: A Life in the Woods Издательство: Aladdin, 1988 г Мягкая обложка, 192 стр ISBN 067166607X инфо 4349e.

Bambi comes into the world in a forest glade, loved by his mother, protected by a thicket He grows up frolicking in the meadow, befriending butterflies and screech owls, and learning about the dark fear of alанылеl the woodland creatures: man Over time, Bambi seeks out the wisdom of the prince of deer, a magnificent old stag who walks alone through the paths of the forest Bambi is torn between his desire to be with his beloved mate, Faline, and his yearning for the knowledge бааофand solitude the prince represents He is also conflicted about his friend Gobo, who has returned to the forest after a winter living among humans Gobo behaves unnaturally by strolling through the woods by day when other deer are sleeping, showing no fear of his natural mortal enemy This 1926 classic has been stretched and squeezed into many forms over the years, but the Felix Salten original should not be missed With the richer, more highly wrought language of his time, Salten crбмякмafts a story layered in meaning, weighty with its message The sometimes cruel, often joyful cycle of life continues, in spite of those who try to defy nature's law Автор Феликс Зальтен Felix Salten Настоящее имя - Зигмунд Зальцманн Родился в Будапеште С 18 лет работал в различных газетах, со временем стал влиятельным театральным критиком, дружил с Гофмансталем и Шницлером В 1939 году, после присоединения Австрии к Германии, был вынужден покинуть .

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