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New Jumbo Book of Easy Crafts, The (Jumbo Books) 2009 г Мягкая обложка, 176 стр ISBN 1554532396 инфо 3255e.

Got a clothespin? Turn it into a dragonfly Got a walnut? Turn it into a sailboat Kids will find these plus hundreds more easy crafts, including animals, nature crafts, games, gifts, toys and works of art in аньриthe revised, updated and redesigned New Jumbo Book of Easy Crafts We've added 20 new crafts, including a wind sock to check the weather, a new costume for dress-up and a wagon train to store craft materials and toys We've also revitalized the cover and interior with бабзэfresh designs, while illustrator Caroline Price has added new illustrations, revisited her original art and colorized it You'll also find an updated introduction and materials section The book divides crafts into four themed sections: Imagine and Create, Wear and Use, Make and Play and Decorate and Celebrate, making it easy for kids, parents and teachers to find the perfect craft for a special day, a special person or just for fun.

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