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The Clockwork Twin (Freddy Books (Hardcover)) 2003 г 220 стр ISBN 1585673587 инфо 9894c.

Book DescriptionAdults, children, and reviewers have embraced the stouthearted Freddy the Pig since he and his Bean Farm chums first appeared in 1927 The Overlook reissues of this classic series-with more thaаняцуn 150,000 hardcover copies sold-have brought these timeless adventures to a whole new generation eager for a good time and a good laugh As a recent USA Today feature about the Freddy phenomenon noted, the Freddy books brilliantly illustrate the cardinal virtues: qбагоу"fair play and a good sense of humor" In The Clockwork Twin, Freddy reprises his most famous role-as detective!-and Walter Brooks's talking animals rollick through amazing adventures They talk, dance, sing, joke, and work out intricate problems When a mechanical double is rigged up by Mr Bean's brother, Uncle Ben (who is an eccentric inventor), as a friend and playmate for the Beans' adopted boy, Adoniram, a comedy of errors ensues The Bean Farm animals then decide to look бнакыfor Adoniram's real-life brother-it's a job for Freddy the detective Illustrated by Kurt Wiese.