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A Wild Bunch Adventure: The Mystery of the Golden Skate 2003 г 112 стр ISBN 1413705952 инфо 9889c.

Book DescriptionKnown as The Wild Bunch, Joey, Billy and Rose Wild’s summer is off to a boring start Inspired by real life events in historic Mansfield, Massachusetts, The Wild Bunch discovers there is much mаняцоore to a well-known building than they imagined The Lovell Block building has been a part of the town’s landscape for over 130 years Hearing noises on a floor above them that everyone thought was abandoned, the children’s curiosity gets the best of them and they inбагоиvestigateAs they sneak upstairs past their unsuspecting mom, the kids ultimately discover a single golden roller skate They set out with their best friends to find answers to the many questions a single skate unleashes The Wild Bunch races against time searching for clues to solve The Mystery of the Golden Skate Can they uncover the building’s secrets and discover things about themselves and their surroundings before it’s too late?.

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