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Dance of the Assassins (The Devil's Dances Trilogy) 2005 г Суперобложка, 400 стр ISBN 0060777184 инфо 9878c.

Book Description In nineteenth-century London, Jack the Ripper has claimed another victim But this "London" is a crime-free virtual city, a historical theme park for tourists Qualified witch Robаняцзerta Morgenstern and her fresh-out-of-the-police-academy assistant, Clément Martineau, set out to solve the murder A wild chase through the streets of old London brings the heroes face-to-face with the terrifying new Ripper But then they realize their true quarry isбагоз the man behind the monster: the mastermind who is bringing some of history's most notorious villains back to life The trail of evidence leads them from the Versailles of Louis XIV through Renaissance Venice to Montezuma's Mexico, where they have a date with the devil himself.

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