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Babar's Mystery (Babar (Harry N Abrams)) 2004 г 30 стр ISBN 0810950332 инфо 1734i.

Book DescriptionA Babar classic now back in print! First published in 1978, this book turns Babar fans into detectives Babar shows children that detective work is fun but not easy When he, his family, and tаняыяhe Old Lady go to town for the unveiling of a gold statue, they soon find that a thief is on the loose First, a piano is missing, then Babar's car disappears, and finally the statue isn't where it's supposed to be! With only a few clues and careful eyes, Babar, Arthurбагтп, and the Old Lady must track down the thieves and use their ingenuity to think of ways to capture them AUTHOR BIO: Laurent de Brunhoff has been illustrating the Babar books since 1946, after his father, Jean de Brunhoff, illustrated the first titles a decade before He hascreated more than 30 books about the world-renowned elephant and his family, most recently the best-selling Babar's Museum of Art and Babar's Yoga for Elephants.

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Pagan's Vows : Book Three of the Pagan Chronicles (Pagan) 2004 г 336 стр ISBN 0763620211 инфо 1737i.

Book DescriptionThe third of four books featuring Pagan's adventures, PAGAN'S VOWS is a medieval thriller that leads the reader through a web of mystery and intrigue — in the most unlikely of places Having rаняьбenounced the sword, Pagan and Lord Roland arrive at the Abbey of St Martin to devote their lives to God But no sooner are they outfitted in their novices' habits than Pagan suspects that something mysterious is going on While the emotionally wrecked Roland tries to багтсfind peace in monastic life, the humility and blind obedience required of all novices do not come easily to the worldly Pagan — especially when he learns that the monastery is riddled with deceit and corruption Someone is stealing alms, and Pagan is determinedto find out who But the truth may come at a price, one that could force him to reconsider his pious role — and his dedication to Roland.

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Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery 2005 г 32 стр ISBN 0802789358 инфо 1739i.

Book Description The planet Jurassica is in an uproar An unidentified flying object has crashed into the mysterious moon of Eon This looks like a job for CAPTAIN RAPTOR! hero of a thousand spacаняьиe missions; champion of truth, justice, and dinosaurs in space throughout the galaxy! If anyone can solve the terrible moon mystery, it's Captain Raptor and his fearless crew!.

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Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove 2004 г 341 стр ISBN 0974930318 инфо 1741i.

Book DescriptionThis rollicking tale magically combines an unruly group of youngsters, Blackbeard's ghost, secret tunnels, skeletons, hidden treasure, a very mysterious inheritance, This book is a history lessанязыon of the greatest kind--with the past and the present wonderfully and entertainingly intertwined.

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Billy the Kid : A Novel 2005 г 224 стр ISBN 0152049304 инфо 1744i.

Book Description William H "Billy the Kid" Bonney Jr isn't afraid to take risks But during a train heist near his hometown, the odds catch up with him when a passenger recognizes the nineteen-yeаняьфar-old outlaw Fed up with Billy's bad ways, The Law sends its best man to bring him in: Sheriff Willis Monroe, Billy's own cousin and former best friend But Willis isn't the only one on Billy's tail The Kid's two-timing partners are hunting him, too--and a connivingбагуд posse wants Billy (and the sheriff!) dead This fictional tale of real-life legend Billy the Kid imagines William Bonney's fate had his life of crime taken a very different turn Includes an author's note about the real Billy the Kid.

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The Riddles of Epsilon 2005 г 384 стр ISBN 0060728191 инфо 1736i.

AmazoncomA modern teen battles ancient evil aided by an invisible guide and an old diary in British author Christine Morton-Shaw’s The Riddles of Epsilon While exploring the property around her mother’s anceанязщstral home, fourteen-year-old Jessica finds a falling down cottage Within resides Epsilon, a being that could be wraith, angel or demon Through ghostly IM exchanges on her computer, Epsilon leads Jessica to an 1894 diary written by a boy named Sebastian Wren Jessicaбагдг is disturbed to discover that Sebastian’s actions seem to mirror her own, right down to sharing the same dream Even more upsetting is the fact that Jessica’s mother seems to be slipping away mentally, just like Sebastian’s mother did many years ago Epsilon tells Jessica that the only way to free her mother’s mind is to find a cursed relic that Sebastian failed to uncover But can Jessica trust Epsilon? And if not, is she strong enough to break the age-old family curse on her own? бнаич Morton-Shaw’s use of light and dark symbolism is eerily effective, and teen readers will be reminded of The Watcher in the Woods by Florence Engle Randall, or more recently, the spooky Midnighters series by Scott Westerfeld While the writing doesn’t always hit the mark (Jessica’s characterization is slap-dash and stereotypical; primordial Epsilon often slips into modern slang), the mood of the book is nevertheless deeply creepy, and readers under twelve may find themselves sleeping with the lights on (Ages 12 and up) --Jennifer HubertBook Description Jess has moved to a remote island called Lume off the coast of England Her parents are restoring an old house, and Jess discovers an abandoned cottage on their property Inside the cottage Jess encounters an eerie presence -- something like a ghost but suffused with a comforting energy She also finds three locked boxes Inside each she finds antique papers that send her mind spinning As Jess unravels the mysteries of Lumбсфьe, she finds the writings of Sebastian, a boy who lived one hundred years ago and whose life contains unsettling reflections of her own To her horror, the dangers he unearthed in 1894 now begin to threaten Jess and her family Something dark has awoken, and Jess doesn't have much time to do something about it Jess has a talent for solving puzzles, riddles, and codes She is confronted with a series of riddles that she must unlock in order to save her mother from a dark and ancient threat Jess is guided by the creepy presence in the cottage The mysterious guide is called Epsilon, but is he a guide from the bright side or the dark? Christine Morton-Shaw has created a spectacular thriller about one girl's spine-chilling experience with the supernatural world.

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Apocalypse 2005 г 352 стр ISBN 1416903704 инфо 1738i.

Book Description Kit and his parents are out sailing when things go horribly wrong Fog rolls in; the compasses won't work; weird cries come from the sea Then squalls force their boat against a giant rock аняьзThey manage to get to shore, but the dismal,almost barren island they're on provides no comfort The only inhabitants are a brutal group of fundamentalists whose ancestors settled there long ago For some reason they hate Kit the moment they see him But Kit has glimpбагттsed someone else, a girl whoseems to be wild He's also seen a strange man who looks just like him, only older, with the same birthmark on his face Kit goes in search of the girl, looking for answers to the eerie goings-on He returns to find his parents gone and their tents torn to shreds Have the islanders killed them? Kit sets off in a desperate search for them as he struggles for his own survival Will the girl help him? And will he be able to escape the islanders, who clearly wбнамжant to kill him? Journey on a startling voyageinto the unknown, where an ordinary teenage boy faces a world filled with malice and a terrifying vision of the future, in this haunting thriller from award winner Tim Bowler.

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Deputy Harvey and the Ant Cow Caper 2005 г 32 стр ISBN 0803730233 инфо 1740i.

Book DescriptionThe ants of Ant Hill are mighty upset Some cows from the local herd are missing, and rumor says the culprits are a wild bunch of ladybugs Deputy Harvey is eager to investigate, but Sheriff Diаняьмl is more concerned with finishing his breakfast Very suspicious! Kids will root for this loveably goofy hero when Harvey hatches a plan to uncover the real thief From the wonderfully wacky imagination of Brad Sneed, this spoofy mystery-adventure is told with a wesбагтьtern twang, and illustrated ina colorful style that has many clever details (and clues!) to amuse children and their parents.

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Searching for Oliver K Woodman 2005 г 56 стр ISBN 0152051848 инфо 1742i.

Book Description Imogene Poplar, Private Eye, is on a hot case Her friend Oliver K Woodman is missing, and she's tracking him across the glorious US of A A baseball game in Green River, a rodeo in Seattleаняьо, a razzmatazz jazz blow in Chicago--there are clues and adventures in every city But Imogene, like Oliver, is made of wood, so she needs help getting around Friendly folks of all sorts guide her from South Carolina clear out to Alaska! Where will Oliver's trail leaбагтяd Imogene next? Read the letters Follow the map Then see if you can guess the elusive wooden man's next move.

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Ruby Tuesday 2005 г 320 стр ISBN 0060739568 инфо 1745i.

AmazoncomRuby Tuesday Sweet, 13, was named for the Rolling Stones tune by her rock-and-roll mother and lives happily with her nice dad Hollis Her brother Jack has just been married in a spectacularly laid-baанязьck Laguna wedding on the beach, with the bride in a white lace bikini In attendance were Ruby’s tottering but tough-talking grandmother Nana Sue and her mostly absent, glamorous, cigar-smoking mom Darlene Ruby and Hollis are content with their passion for the Dodgersбагде and their ongoing monopoly game, although she does wonder occasionally just what he does for a living with all those TV screens and number charts in his office Events take a sinister turn when Hollis is accused of the murder of his bookie and Ruby and Darlene must flee to Las Vegas to escape a pair of mobsters There they are taken in by Nana Sue, who lives permanently at the old Fremont Hotel and is a legend on the casino floor; playing shrewd blackjack, limping between the tables бнаищtrailed by her pet iguana, and wreaking havoc with her cane when she is displeased She and Darlene set out with Ruby to get to the bottom of the murder, and with the two hard-boozing, chain-smoking women, the teenager gets an insider tour of the backstage world of rock and the seamy inner workings ofhigh-stakes gambling in Sin City While the Laguna setting is a bit overblown, the Las Vegas milieu is spot on, and the characters are deliciously bizarre but loveable in this unusual first novel by a young new author (Ages 12 and up) --Patty CampbellBook Description Plenty of girls have trouble relating to their parents Few have to turn to a dictionary for help Ruby Tuesday Sweet keeps a battered webster's by her side -- but when her dad tunes in to eight baseball games at a time on his wallof TVs, his talk of parlays and chalks and spreads keeps Ruby mystified Then the Dodgers win the World Series, Ruby Tuesday's dad wins a bet, and his bookie is murdered Ruby finds herбсфьэself on the run to Las Vegas with her long-lost rock-and-roll mom in a race against the thugs who want Mr Sweet's winning ticket A rare breakthrough novel, Ruby Tuesday is the story of a gambling father, a card-shark grandmother, and a family of women inhabiting a Vegas casino At the center of it all is the girl who never noticed they were different.

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