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Summer of the Monkeys Издательство: Yearling, 1998 г Мягкая обложка, 288 стр ISBN 0440415802 инфо 1697i.

Reading level: Ages 9-12 The last thing a fourteen-year-old boy expects to find along an old Ozark river bottom is a tree full of monkeys Jay Berry Lee's grandpa had an explanation, of course--as he did forаняжб most things The monkeys had escaped from a traveling circus, and there was a handsome reward in store for anyone who could catch them Grandpa said there wasn't any animal that couldn't be caught somehow, and Jay Berry started out believing him But by the end баггеof the "summer of the monkeys," Jay Berry Lee had learned a lot more than he ever bargained for--and not just about monkeys He learned about faith, and wishes coming true, and knowing what it is you really want He even learned a little about growing up This novel, set in rural Oklahoma around the turn of the century, is a heart-warming family story--full of rich detail and delightful characters--about a time and place when miracles were really the simplest of thingsбнаиу Reprint edition Автор Уилсон Роулс Wilson Rawls.

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The Legend Of The Wandering King 2005 г 224 стр ISBN 0439585562 инфо 1699i.

Book DescriptionWalid was a model prince: handsome, intelligent, skilled in the arts of warfare and poetry But the kingdom boasted one greater poet than he, and out of jealousy Walid cursed the man to create аняыоan impossible work of art: a carpet showing the history of the entire human race The poet died weaving it Men went mad seeing it And when it is stolen, Walid discovers his life's quest: to recover the carpet and earn forgiveness for his mistakes Inspired by the stoбагсыry of a real king of pre-MuslimArabia, LEGEND is a magical fantasy, a meditation on destiny, and an utterly thrilling adventure.

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Voyage of Plunder (Chronicles of Courage (Knopf Hardcover)) 2005 г 208 стр ISBN 0375823832 инфо 1703i.

Book DescriptionDaniel Markham loved his father’s mysterious friends, visiting in the dead of night but always gone by morning He never imagined they could be pirates But when the Markhams’ merchant vessel iаняысs plundered by the pirate ship Tempest Galley and his father shot dead in an act of revenge, Daniel can’t deny the truth And now, orphaned and alone, Daniel is trapped and faced with a choice: Join the crew or die Unprepared for the temptations of pirate life and foбагтвr the captain’s inexplicable kindness toward him, Daniel knows only one thing for certain: One false step on a pirate ship could be deadly, and he’ll do anything to stay alive.

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Love, Piglet 2003 г 24 стр ISBN 0525472401 инфо 1707i.

Book Description Winnie-the-Pooh devotees know well the deep affection the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood have for one another, and how these special friendships see them through times of great joy and momаняыфents of Eeyore- like gloom Love, Pooh and Love, Piglet are an irresistible pair, containing passages and verses about love taken directly from the original A A Milne volumes And every spread features Ernest H Shepard's cherished drawings in full color Sweetly багтеdesigned with a die-cut heart on the cover and a surprise "valentine" hum on the final spread, these darling books are perfect for Valentine's Day gift-giving.

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Pirate Diary Journal of Jake Carpenter 2003 г 128 стр ISBN 0763621692 инфо 1714i.

Book Description"Platt weaves vast quantities of nautical information into a text as lively as it is absorbing" - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review) Curious about life on a pirate ship? Check out PаняышIRATE DIARY: THE JOURNAL OF JAKE CARPENTER, an account of adventure on the high seas as told by a feisty nine-year-old carpenter’s apprentice, circa 1716 Historically accurate illustrations of ship and crew, a map of Jake’s travels, and a detailed glossary and index vбагтйividly reveal the fascinating - and harsh - life of a pirate in the eighteenth century Ships ahoy!.

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The Backyardigans Adventure Tunes with Toy Издательство: Publications International, 2007 г Картон ISBN 1412786479 инфо 1698i.

Children can sing along with favorite characters using their own detachable digital MP3 Player! Each book spread features the lyrics of four songs, each with its own icon The child can select the correspondinаняжвg icon on their MP3 player to hear the song The MP3 player includes Play, Shuffle, and Stop buttons On the LCD screen, a simple animated icon - one for each of the 20 songs - will also be displayed.

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Ice Drift 2005 г 240 стр ISBN 0152050817 инфо 1702i.

Book Description The year is 1868, and fourteen-year-old Alika and his younger brother, Sulu, are hunting for seals on an ice floe attached to their island in the Arctic Suddenly the ice starts to shake, anаняжеd they hear a loud crack--the terrible sound of the floe breaking free from land The boys watch with horror as the dark expanse of water between the ice and the shore rapidly widens, and they start drifting south--away from their home, their family, and everything theбаггжy've ever known Throughout their six-month-long journey down the Greenland Strait, the brothers face bitter cold, starvation, and most frightening of all, vicious polar bears But they still remain hopeful that one day they'll be rescued This thrilling new adventure story from bestselling author Theodore Taylor is a moving testament to the bond between brothers--and to the strength of the human spirit Includes a map, a glossary of Inuit words and phrases, and an author's note.

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Night Journey, The (R/I) 2005 г 151 стр ISBN 0670059633 инфо 1705i.

Book Description "I sit here all day long, year after year I remember I remember all sorts of things" Rachel has been warned by her parents not to discuss the past with her great-grandmother Buаняжйt Nana Sashie has other plans She begins telling Rachel about her family's flight from the pogroms and other dangers of Tsarist Russia The daring escape plan was Sashie's own idea-and she was only nine years old Winner of the National Jewish Book Award An ALA Notaбаггпble Book Winner of the Association of Jewish Libraries Children's Book Award.

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Across the Nightingale Floor Episode 1 (Tales of the Otori (Paperback)) 2005 г 276 стр ISBN 0142403245 инфо 1708i.

Book DescriptionSeventeen-year-old Tomasu lives in a remote mountain village, some of whose residents—including his mother—are members of the Hidden, a clandestine, peaceful religious sect He has never met hiаняыцs father One day, while Tomasu isout collecting mushrooms, a band of Tohan warriors descends upon and massacres the village Tomasu confronts the warriors, but is rescued by the mysterious Lord Otori, who changes the boy’s name to Takeo, and wants to adopt him As Takбагтиeo learns toread, and to fight with sword and pole, on and off horseback, he does not realize that he is the center of a bloody intrigue until it is almost too late Winner of the Alex Award A New York Times Notable Book of the Year A School Library Journal Best Adult Book for High School Readers.

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Viaje al Centro de la Tierra (Encuentro con la Lectura) 2004 г 48 стр ISBN 9702205298 инфо 1715i.

Book DescriptionReaders will be transported to a fantastic world beneath the Earth"s surface in this lively adventure adapted from Jules Verne"s classic novel Written in simple language that is accаняжтessible to young readers, these illustrated classics allow them to become acquainted with great authors and their works without the need to grapple with a text that might be too complex for children their age Colorful illustrations complement the stories and enrich thбаггфe reading experience by depicting details that put the reader in the midst of the story Each book also includes a capsule author biography that provides background for the text.

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